Challenge The Summit "The GrandSlam of Mountaineering"

Mountaineering is my passion and I am going for my Grandslam of Mountaineering.
Its my dream to stand on the summit of all EightThousander Mountains (14), The Seven Summit (7), North and South Pole.

 Grandslam of Mountaineering                                  

Year 2006 Everest Expedition was the first of my many quest to achieve "Grand Slam" in mountaineering. Himalayas are part of my life starting from 2001 and it all began with simple trekking to the Everest Base Camp followed by reaching the summit of Mera Peak, Island Peak in Nepal, Mount Ararat in Turkey, Mt. Sorak in Korea and few other summits around the world.

Challenging the Summit" The GrandSlam" is about my dream of reaching the summit of all 14 Eight-Thousander mountains in the world (mountains above 8000 meter), The Seven Summit (the highest peak in each continent), The Second Seven Summit and The North Pole and The South Pole.

Being the first Malaysian to go on a Everest Expedition on the North Face (Tibet, China) in 2006 was a memorable experience and wonderful achievement but achieving “The Grandslam of Mountaineering” will be a lifetime glory.

My Grand Slam in mountaineering started with Everest North Face Expedition in 2006 and will finish with Mount K2, Pakistan in year 2018.  

Mount Everest North Face (Tibet) 2006


Mount Everest South Face (Nepal) 2007







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Mount Shishapangma Expedition 2011



One have to sacrifice in

 order to achieve glory in


Mount Cho Oyu Expedition 2010









The Vision Egypt Climb 2012




Major Expedition 2012

After Egypt 2012 Expedition, Mount Kinabalu Expedition are being organised for Fund Raising purposes. Please join and support the effort to raise awareness of the "Grandslam of Mountaineering".

Mount Manaslu Expedition, the 8th highest mountain in the world will be my next challenge starting from 5th Sept to 4th November, 2012.

Visit :

Mount Kinabalu (4095 meter), Sabah, Malaysia           

Mount Kinabalu is the highest peak in Malaysia and Borneo and its stand at 4095 meter. Located in Sabah, Malaysia in the island of Borneo, its a tough but a very beautiful mountain.



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